A Golden Rule

I’m headed over to give my annual talk on career development to the new faculty at the School of Medicine. In it, I lay out the “Golden Rules” for young faculty members eyeing promotion and career advancement. It got me thinking about the Golden Rules for parenting. I’ve got a few in mind, and I’d […]

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Food Fight

When the No Regrets Parenting book comes out later this month, you’ll see me pull no punches in recommending occasional sweet treats for kids to celebrate special events or to help create family traditions. Ice cream sundaes on hot Sundays, or warm cocoa with marshmallows for family movie nights in the dead of winter. Popcorn […]

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Unplug the Car

No, I don’t mean your hybrid, I mean the inside of your car. The passengers. Next time you’re at a stoplight, take a peek inside the minivan stopped next to you. The driver (parent) is talking on the phone; the kids (they’re the ones with the white earbuds) are listening to music, working their iPad, watching […]

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No Regrets Ebay’ing?

My post today should prove to you that no task is too mundane or too pedestrian that it can’t become a magical, No Regrets Parenting event for you and your kids. In the No Regrets Parenting book, I write that every child should start several businesses during childhood – from mother’s helper, to the lemonade […]

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Guilt. Lose it!

Parenting is among the greatest sources of human joy; it is also the single greatest cause of guilt. Not only do we feel guilty about the things we’ve done or not done for our kids from the time they were born, but we even feel guilty about the genes we’ve burdened our kids with before […]

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Our Little Girl’s Birthday

Twenty-two years ago today, our little girl was born, gorgeous with a little jaundice. A wondrous baby, smiley, giggly, huggy, and ticklish. Except during the three hours immediately after I got home from work, during which she had hall-of-fame colic. I’m sure the neighbors are still talking about it. I’m a pediatrician, and I should […]

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The License Plate Game

Car rides. Have you ever thought about how many hours, days, weeks, and months of your kids’ childhoods you spend driving them places? Of course you’ve thought about it – and complained about it! Well, here are the hard numbers just in case you haven’t gone through the calculations. If you’re in the car with […]

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The Diversity of Parenting

Parenting today takes on many profiles. Two-parent families and single parent families. One mommy, one daddy homes, and two-mommy or two-daddy homes. Stay-at-home parents and working parents and work-at-home parents. Parents with and without custody, and with joint custody. Commuter parents, home for weekends when possible. Parents who provide day-care for other children in their […]

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