The Checkered History of Parenting Advice

Looking back at the evolution of parenting advice over the centuries, it seems to me that Adam and Eve may have been the only parents in history without the benefit of an “advice du jour book” on how to raise children. True, considering how things worked out for their kids, our original forebears probably could […]

No Regrets Parenting on the #64 Bus

On the way to Denver International Airport this morning to send our kids back to college after winter break, I remembered a great No Regrets Parenting example from my own childhood. The #64 bus ran from west Denver at one end to Stapleton International Airport (which was replaced by DIA a number of years ago) […]

No Regrets Parenting for Cowboys

When our kids were little, we took them to the rodeo a few times – fun, but not really our thing and we haven’t been back to see the horsies and lambies for many years. Now our kids are in college and graduate school, home for brief cameo appearances over winter break. The rodeo would not have […]

Sasha and Malia Obama’s Parents

NYT reporter Jodi Kantor’s new book, “The Obamas,” has generated lots of buzz – mostly political. This is a parenting blog, not a political blog. So, I want to focus on the parts of the book that I thought were the most interesting – the Obamas’ struggle in the pre-2008 election years with the dilemma […]

Tim Tebow’s Parents

Although I live in Denver, I’m going to try not to sound too much like a “homey” when I add my 2 cents about Tim Tebow to the national (international !) dialog that has erupted about this young man. For those of you who are just returning from a 6 month Mars mission, Tim Tebow […]

The Most Important Plan You’ll Ever Make

Parents do lots of planning – how big should their family be, where should they live, what kind of car should they drive. Financial planning, school planning, vacation planning. But many parents neglect to make the most important plan of all –  a plan for managing the time they have with their kids. A blueprint to […]

The Origins and Evolution of “No Regrets Parenting”

As you and I are getting to know each other on this No Regrets Parenting blog, I thought I’d share a few words about why and how I developed the No Regrets Parenting approach. As our kids, one-by-one, left for college, we looked back at their childhoods and felt enormous gratitude for the moments and memories we […]

Welcome to No Regrets Parenting !

 What is No Regrets Parenting?   No Regrets Parenting is a fresh, commonsense approach to parenting for those of you who shudder at the thought of your kids growing up too fast, leaving for college, becoming young adults. No Regrets Parenting arms you with the tools you need to meet those eventualities with contentment and fulfillment. […]