Dr. Rotbart’s Developmental Milestones of Parenting

The big news of 2016 (drum roll, please) my wife and I have become grandparents (!!!!) More about the grandparent thing coming in a future post soon, but for now, this is for our kids who have just become new parents, and for parents of all ages everywhere. While much is written about the predictable developmental milestones […]

Even Though the Super Bowl is Over

Peyton Manning’s announcement of his retirement brought back a lot of nice Super Bowl memories for those of us in Colorado. Here’s my post for Parents Magazine for this past Super Bowl. Yes the game is over, but the lessons for how to enjoy future big TV events with your kids is a lasting one. […]

I Wish You a Less Efficient New Year 2016

In my post this month for Parents Magazine, I make the case for being a little less efficient this coming year. In exchange, you’ll enjoy your parenting experience a whole lot more. Try these 6 easy steps towards inefficiency and parenting fulfillment: Click here for my latest post, and share with others

NOW is the TIME to become the parent you want to remember being

In this month’s post for Parents Magazine, I ask the question: How will you feel when your kids are grown up? It’s an important question, as you’ll see – and it happens faster than you can imagine. When you walk by their empty bedrooms, will you have regrets? To read the full post, and to […]


Our niece was the flower girl at our wedding 29 years ago grew up, and is now a beautiful bride. But in the generation since our wedding, is the world a better place for our little flower girl? And will it be a better place a generation from now when our niece’s flower girls become […]

Grandma’s Wisdom Protects Your Kids from Back-to-School Germs

Grandma’s Wisdom Wins Again! When it comes to protecting kids from back-to-school colds, flu, and other germy annoyances, Grandma had it right – sleep, exercise, bundling up in the cold weather and…chicken soup? See my post this month for Parents Magazine; click here:  


As the water cascaded down our basement walls during the summer’s worst storm, out from the drawers and closets and storage bins came our kids’ childhood heroes racing to the rescue. Faded and tattered as they may have been, their courage and strength in the face of adversity were exactly what we needed. Click here […]

Your Kids’ 4 Independence Days

Happy July 4! Independence means lots of different things to lots of different people. But for parents, there are 4 milestone moments during kids’ childhoods that stand out for the independence they represent for kids – and for you! Click here for my post this month for Parents Magazine. And for a reminder of YOUR developmental […]


Time in the car with your kids is precious quality time. It’s much more than just getting somewhere – this is time to treasure with a captive audience buckled into their car seats or seat belts. Don’t waste with your kids plugged into earbuds or watching a DVD. Whether you’re driving with your kids cross-country, […]


What do empty bedrooms, a clean minivan, and Mother’s Day have in common? Well, for parents of a certain age, like me, each brings back noisy, messy, and very happy memories. But if you are lucky, like we were, you’ll have no regrets about how you spent Mother’s Days past. Or Father’s Days. Or, for […]