The Day We Named Sammy’s Arch

The day our youngest led us to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park was a coming of age for all of us. After watching his big brother and big sister in the lead on other hikes, he knew just what to do. Here’s the story, my post this month for Parents Magazine.

Thanks for the Great Review on our 3rd Anniversary

Many thanks to Victoria Winterhalter, Parenting by the Book, and Richmond Family Magazine for their wonderful review of “NO REGRETS PARENTING.” Last month we marked the 3rd anniversary since release of the book, which continues to top parenting bestseller lists around the country. How great to still see nice reviews coming in! Read Victoria’s review […]

A Baby Boomer Parent Fesses Up

My generation, the Baby Boomers, brought a sea change to society. Not everything we changed, however, was for the better. For example, our definition of Quality Time with our kids. My post for Parents Magazine this month will show you what I mean. It’s not always how you spend the time, it’s that you spend […]


  We put our beloved 15 year old Springer Spaniel to sleep last week. It was a great loss for us. Lizzy was our “4th child,” our 3 kids’ best friend, and the Queen of Fetch. We’d had her since she was a freckle-faced puppy. The breeder said that although Lizzy was one of the runts of […]

Are You Keeping Your Most Important New Year’s Resolution?

January is an optimistic and ambitious time of year. We all make New Year’s resolutions, some of which we keep, most of which we forget about by February. My January post for Parents Magazine reminds you of the most important New Year’s resolution you will ever make – have you kept it so far?

When It’s Too Cold to Play Ball Outside

Remember the Polar Vortex? That was the cold, cold, cold spell that froze much of the nation a few weeks ago. So, what do you do when it’s cold outside and your kids are inside and they want to play ball? Here’s what we did. Click here for my Parents Magazine post this month

Rescuing Bedtime from Alexander’s Horrible Grip

There were some bedtime stories we read to our kids hundreds of times. So many times, in fact, that we would often zone out in the middle and forget to turn the pages while reciting the stories by heart. Alexander and the Horrible….(you know the rest), the bear and the strawberry, the moose and the […]

The October Classic – Just for Parents!

Finally, the World Series is here! Featuring MY Kansas City Royals (I’ve adopted them since MY Colorado Rockies are so, so bad, and because the SF Giants, the other team in the WS, is the Rockies arch enemy.) Here, in honor of tonight, is my October Classic piece for Parents magazine – why World Series […]

My Thanksgiving Cover Story for Parents Magazine

It was really a thrill for me when Parents Magazine asked me to write their Thanksgiving cover story for the November, 2014 issue. Titled “More Gratitude, Less Attitude,” the Thanksgiving issue is now on sale at newsstands everywhere. Read it online here exclusively

Do You Know “The Look?”

If you’re a parent, you definitely know “the look” I’m talking about. Here’s my post today for Jill Smokler’s wildly popular “Scary Mommy” blog. It’s already been shared more than 4000 times on FB since it went up this morning: