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One of the Things I Miss The Most

On a walk through the park the other day, I heard a sound I hadn’t [...]

Parenting Lessons from the White House

Well, for anyone who hasn’t been on Mars for the past few months, you may [...]

Two New Posts for Parents, Just in Time for Thanksgiving

We are entering a time of joy and celebration – holiday season is upon us [...]

Parents Magazine’s review of “Miracles We Have Seen”

Parents Magazine did a wonderful feature on “Miracles We Have Seen,” and nailed it with [...]

What a New Grandfather Advises Young Dads

On Father’s Day this year, I posted some advice in Parents Magazine for young dads. [...]

Motherhood, Full Circle

This Mother’s Day, as we welcome our daughter-in-law to motherhood with our first grandchild, we [...]

Helping your parents transition to grandparenthood

It’s hard to remember sometimes, when your parents are getting on your nerves about your [...]

Dr. Rotbart’s Developmental Milestones of Parenting

The big news of 2016 (drum roll, please) my wife and I have become grandparents (!!!!) More [...]

Even Though the Super Bowl is Over

Peyton Manning’s announcement of his retirement brought back a lot of nice Super Bowl memories [...]

I Wish You a Less Efficient New Year 2016

In my post this month for Parents Magazine, I make the case for being a [...]