Paul Cary was a true hero. Mr. Cary was a sixty-six-year-old paramedic in Colorado who volunteered, despite his age putting him in a high-risk category, to go to New York during the height of the pandemic to help in whatever way he could. He drove 18 hours to get there. Once there, he provided medical transports for COVID-19 patients all across the city until he himself became infected, requiring hospitalization and a ventilator. Tragically, he died of his infection shortly thereafter.
Moving tributes poured in and poignant memorial ceremonies were held in both Colorado and New York. His family’s statement announcing his death read, in part: “He risked his own health and safety to protect others and left this world a better place. We are at peace knowing that Paul did what he loved and what he believed in, right up until the very end.”
I have dedicated this book to Mr. Cary’s memory. This morning I had the privilege of speaking to Mr. Cary’s son and have sent him and his brother copies of the book to share with Mr. Cary’s five grandchildren and the rest of their family. His is a legacy to be cherished.

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