Being a football fan in Colorado means being a quarterback authority. From John Elway to Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning, we have had some of the most compelling quarterback sagas play out in our own backyard. This past week ESPN aired a special called “The Book of Manning,” which told the story of dad Archie Manning and his 3 boys, Cooper, Peyton, and Eli.

Archie was, arguably, one of the greatest quarterbacks in college football history. He and his wife Olivia raised their boys to love each other, love their parents, and love the game of football. Unlike other “sports parents,” Archie never coerced his kids to play – he didn’t have to. He was the kind of dad who kids want to be like – not because he was a great quarterback, but because he was a great dad. Great dads teach kids, by example, how to do all the important things in life – love, listen, learn, support, appreciate, show respect, take responsibility, act kindly, be gracious, etc.

If parents model those behaviors, kids will grow up showing the same attributes. And, if all of that is coupled with a rifle arm, lightning reflexes, and a mind like a steel trap, you’ve got a pretty good chance of raising star footballers.

See what parenting a superstar-to-be is like, in the Book of Manning.

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