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Sara, my wife, said something the other day that made me laugh and think. She [...]

Free Signed Copy of “Germ Proof Your Kids” Will Help Get Your Family Through Flu Season

As most of  you know, this is one of the worst influenza (“flu”) seasons in [...]

New Year’s ABSOLUTIONS for No Regrets Parents

New Year’s resolutions are passé this year. Instead, here are New Year’s ABSOLUTIONS for No Regrets [...]

No Regrets Parenting Tips for Holiday Time with Your Kids

Tis’ the season for holiday tips. Everyone has tips for you: eating healthy over the [...]


The Other End of the Parenting Spectrum – Book Review of “Parents to the End”

This past summer, after the unthinkable tragedy of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shootings, I [...]


The Best Investment for No Regrets Parents of Teenagers

We found it at a garage sale when our kids were 10, 12, and 14, [...]

The Aroma of the Arena and No Regrets Parenting

Our kids were 3, 5, and 7 years old, wide-eyed wrangler wannabes, eating corn dogs [...]

Turning Grief and Tragedy into Knowledge and Hope

The tragic death of Colorado 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway following an abduction has heightened [...]

An “All Points Bulletin” for Ernie!

The Presidential debate last week surprisingly brought Big Bird into the political limelight. But in [...]


This Election, Vote for Kids!

Thanks to Children’s Hospital Colorado and Parents Magazine for reminding us, on this eve of [...]