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No Regrets Parenting Do-Overs

The truly gratifying and overwhelming response from parents around the world to No Regrets Parenting [...]

I Know How She Does It

I’m no Roger Ebert, but I have a really fun movie recommendation for you. As [...]

School Nurses on the Front Line

As you know by now, No Regrets Parenting is a time management blueprint for parents [...]


We Gave Our Daughter an iPhone for her Grandmother’s birthday

Like the sandy cliffs overlooking a breezy ocean cove, the gently rounded Appalachian hills that [...]

Even Radio Hosts Have Kids

One of the dubious joys of writing a new book is getting the word about [...]

The “Which City Are They In Today” Stage of Parenting

Each stage of parenting presents its own challenges. There’s the “waking in the middle of [...]

Beware the Village Idiots

There’s something that’s always bothered me about former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s famously titled book [...]

Spring Training Moments

Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.  Leo Durocher (1906-1991), Hall of Fame baseball [...]

Work-Life Balance – Discover the Secret of “With”!

Work-life balance is all the buzz in the business and professional worlds. As moms and [...]

Our Backyard

The grass is almost fully grown in now, where the base paths used to be. [...]