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The generation gap being as wide as it is, young adults are more likely to [...]

“Manning” Up as a Parent

Being a football fan in Colorado means being a quarterback authority. From John Elway to [...]

An Original Idea for Mother’s Day

There isn’t much that hasn’t been written or thought of for Mother’s Day over the [...]

A No Regrets Parenting Legacy in the National Parks

I have the great pleasure of writing a monthly column for Parents magazine. This month, [...]

Giving Up the Extra Airplane Legroom for your Kids

How much personal fame and prestige do you need? How important is Premier Status with [...]


Sara, my wife, said something the other day that made me laugh and think. She [...]

Free Signed Copy of “Germ Proof Your Kids” Will Help Get Your Family Through Flu Season

As most of  you know, this is one of the worst influenza (“flu”) seasons in [...]

The Holiday Gift that’s Still Giving

My December post for Parents Magazine’s GoodyBlog tells the story of the garage sale discovery [...]

Parenting Our Kids, Parenting Our Parents

Thanksgiving is for families, and multi-generational gatherings are blessings. My post today in the New [...]

The “Flexible Family Meal Meeting” for No Regrets Parenting

Thanks to the Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success for hosting my No Regrets Parenting [...]