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Back at the Zoo

When we were nearly at term with our second child, we put our 2 year [...]

Tim Tebow’s Parents Must Be Very Proud

Although I live in Denver, I’m going to try not to sound too sad or [...]

Book Giveaway for Back-to-School Health

Before No Regrets Parenting, I wrote a book called Germ Proof Your Kids (www.germproofyourkids.com) which continues to be a [...]

Back-To-School Germ Prevention and Book Giveaway

This will be a little different blog post than what you’re used to seeing here. [...]

Winning the Bronze in the Monkey Bars

Watching the Olympics gymnastics finals with our adult kids last week brought back a wonderful [...]

The Ducks, the Ducks!! Hitchcock Would Have Loved This

To those of you who have followed my No Regrets blog, or read the No Regrets Parenting book, it [...]

Have You Ever “Grounded” Your Kids?

There is a surprisingly contentious discussion that has been running in the NYT Motherlode column [...]

A Meditation for No Regrets Parents

I spoke to a group of Montessori school parents last evening. Afterwards, one of the [...]

Your No Regrets Parenting “Graduation Speech”

Whatever ages your kids are now, I believe strongly that it helps to look into [...]

Batman, the Staten Island Ferry, and My Grandfather

Friday morning we awoke early to texts, emails and calls from family and friends around [...]