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Motherhood, Full Circle

This Mother’s Day, as we welcome our daughter-in-law to motherhood with our first grandchild, we [...]

Helping your parents transition to grandparenthood

It’s hard to remember sometimes, when your parents are getting on your nerves about your [...]

I Wish You a Less Efficient New Year 2016

In my post this month for Parents Magazine, I make the case for being a [...]

NOW is the TIME to become the parent you want to remember being

In this month’s post for Parents Magazine, I ask the question: How will you feel [...]


Grandma’s Wisdom Protects Your Kids from Back-to-School Germs

Grandma’s Wisdom Wins Again! When it comes to protecting kids from back-to-school colds, flu, and [...]


Time in the car with your kids is precious quality time. It’s much more than [...]


A Baby Boomer Parent Fesses Up

My generation, the Baby Boomers, brought a sea change to society. Not everything we changed, [...]

Are You Keeping Your Most Important New Year’s Resolution?

January is an optimistic and ambitious time of year. We all make New Year’s resolutions, [...]

When It’s Too Cold to Play Ball Outside

Remember the Polar Vortex? That was the cold, cold, cold spell that froze much of [...]

My Thanksgiving Cover Story for Parents Magazine

It was really a thrill for me when Parents Magazine asked me to write their Thanksgiving [...]