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Parenting Our Kids, Parenting Our Parents

Thanksgiving is for families, and multi-generational gatherings are blessings. My post today in the New [...]

The Best Investment for No Regrets Parents of Teenagers

We found it at a garage sale when our kids were 10, 12, and 14, [...]

The Aroma of the Arena and No Regrets Parenting

Our kids were 3, 5, and 7 years old, wide-eyed wrangler wannabes, eating corn dogs [...]

Turning Grief and Tragedy into Knowledge and Hope

The tragic death of Colorado 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway following an abduction has heightened [...]

An “All Points Bulletin” for Ernie!

The Presidential debate last week surprisingly brought Big Bird into the political limelight. But in [...]


This Election, Vote for Kids!

Thanks to Children’s Hospital Colorado and Parents Magazine for reminding us, on this eve of [...]

The “Flexible Family Meal Meeting” for No Regrets Parenting

Thanks to the Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success for hosting my No Regrets Parenting [...]

Back at the Zoo

When we were nearly at term with our second child, we put our 2 year [...]

Tim Tebow’s Parents Must Be Very Proud

Although I live in Denver, I’m going to try not to sound too sad or [...]

Book Giveaway for Back-to-School Health

Before No Regrets Parenting, I wrote a book called Germ Proof Your Kids (www.germproofyourkids.com) which continues to be a [...]