Many thanks to Victoria Winterhalter, Parenting by the Book, and Richmond Family Magazine for their wonderful review of “NO REGRETS PARENTING.”

Last month we marked the 3rd anniversary since release of the book, which continues to top parenting bestseller lists around the country. How great to still see nice reviews coming in!

Read Victoria’s review here:

Moments that Matter Most: A Review of No Regrets Parenting

3 thoughts on “Thanks for the Great Review on our 3rd Anniversary

  1. Tal says:

    I love no regrets parenting and just recently purchased 940 Saturdays. My question is how do you do the journal if your daughter is 15 and not with you every Saturday and your four yr old son is? Lol love your books and blog!

    • Harley Rotbart, M.D. says:

      Hi and thanks for your kind comments. Just start on the first page of 940 Saturdays, ignore the numbering, and write (or draw or photograph) whatever comes to mind to help you remember these precious days.


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