Each stage of parenting presents its own challenges. There’s the “waking in the middle of the night to feed the baby” stage, and the “what can we do about colic” stage, and the “separation anxiety” stage and the “middle school girls are really mean” stage. Who can forget the “potty training” stage? How about the “bully in the school bathroom” stage, or the “but dad, everyone has a mohawk” stage?

We are now in the “which city are they in today” stage of parenting. We know where they go to school, and they tell us when they travel (most of the time, and they know who I’m talking about when I say “most of the time”). But even so, it can be hard to keep track. The convention is in New Orleans, the grad school interviews are in NY this weekend, but last weekend in D.C. and next weekend in Palo Alto. And the girlfriend is at college 40 minutes away. Many mornings, my wife and I “make rounds,” asking each other where everybody is today. It’s really nice when they’re all in their places – apartments or frat house. But, more and more, our kids are the ones accumulating frequent flier mileage while we stay home and just try to keep track.

We had a lot more peace of mind in the “buckled in their Cheerios-covered car seats” stage of parenting.

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