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Motherhood, Full Circle

This Mother’s Day, as we welcome our daughter-in-law to motherhood with our first grandchild, we [...]


What do empty bedrooms, a clean minivan, and Mother’s Day have in common? Well, for [...]

Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day to “Mighty Messy Mama”

What a lovely review of No Regrets Parenting in the 5/7/13 blog post from Shannon [...]

An Original Idea for Mother’s Day

There isn’t much that hasn’t been written or thought of for Mother’s Day over the [...]

Monthly Mother’s Day for No Regrets Parenting

Writing about Mother’s Day is a little like writing about “America” or “money” or “religion” [...]


The Parenting Meditation for No Regrets Parenting

When’s the last time you noticed your kids? No, I don’t mean when’s the last [...]

Free Signed “No Regrets Parenting” book for Mother’s Day

I’ll be giving away 100 free signed books between now and Mother’s Day. Don’t miss [...]

Free signed copy of No Regrets Parenting for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Be prepared, and be rewarded with free signed books! [...]