Parents know most of the important developmental milestones of childhood – when babies roll over, sit, walk, talk, ride a tricycle, etc. You’ve probably looked them up to make sure your kids are “on track,” or compared your child’s progress with the Jones baby next door. But you may not know that there are well-defined developmental milestones for you as a parent, as well. Now revealed for the first time, “Harley Rotbart’s Developmental Milestones of Parenting,” my post this month for Parents Magazine. See if you’re “on track” in your growth as a parent.

Click here to check your progress, and send comments letting me know if the shoe fits…

2 thoughts on “Are You “On Track” as a Parent?

  1. Dawn Hilgers says:

    I was unable to “click here” to check my progress – Page is not found – is there a new link to get to
    Harley Rotbart’s Developmental Milestones of Parenting ?

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