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My Most Interesting Lyft Ride

It started out like any other ride-share to the airport. Steve (not his real name) [...]


Ruminating on (il)luminating I’ve been away from light bulb shopping for a while. The little [...]

Confessions of Regret from a “No Regrets” Writer

I’ve written a book called “No Regrets Living – Seven Keys to a Life of [...]

The Magical Sounds of Baseball

They’re back! The magical sounds heralding Spring. This past warm weekend brought out those sounds [...]

The Organ Recital

When friends of a certain age, my age, for example, get together, a novel discourse [...]

Who (or What) is Aging Faster, Me or My iPhone?

When shown family pictures on my iPhone 5 a few years ago, and watching me [...]


We’re a baseball family and Major League Baseball’s Spring Training was one of our rituals. [...]

Age as Seen Through the Eyes of Baseball

With the coming of Spring Training, I’m reflecting on the changes in the game of [...]

Strollers, Car Seats, and Other Exasperating Baby Gear

I’m a parent of three adult kids. I was there for all the big, and [...]

Life in a Tank

I collect old books and learn a lot from them. At a recent visit to [...]