They’re back! The magical sounds heralding Spring. This past warm weekend brought out those sounds in Denver, and the kids who make those sounds. At the park down the block, on the little baseball diamond with the short backstop, the sound of baseballs hitting gloves. It’s a pop like no other, and it makes me smile. Kids throwing baseballs, catching baseballs, dropping baseballs. And then there’s the ping. The ping of aluminum bats hitting baseballs. The sounds of rubber cleats running on dirt infields. The sounds of Moms and Dads yelling, “RUN!” Of coaches slapping high fives.

The Super Bowl is over, and March Madness hasn’t started. But Spring Training is underway for the big guys, and Spring Sounds are in the parks everywhere there are little guys and girls.

Welcome back, baseball season. We’ve missed you.

Nine ways to get American kids to fall in love with baseball (again) |  America Magazine

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