No Regrets Parenting is about creating a lasting legacy from your kids’ childhoods and, even more importantly, from your parenthood. No Regrets Parenting is, in that sense, selfish – the goal is to make parenting so fulfilling, so satisfying, that when your kids have grown up and left home, you’ll look back with fond nostalgia, but No Regrets about time you wish you would have spent with them when you could have.

I want to tell you about one family that’s off to a great start – Rebecca Rider, the creator of, and your host at, “newmommabeckers” ( Rebecca could be the “poster child” for starting No Regrets Parenting while kids are still in the crib.

As with many, many moms and dads across the country, the “Other Biological Clock” concept I introduced in my book, No Regrets Parenting, struck a chord with Rebecca. In a nutshell, the “Other Biological Clock” reminds parents there are only 940 Saturdays between your baby’s birth and leaving for college. That number, 940 Saturdays, has already become a mantra for parents everywhere who are looking for ways to turn the long days and short years of parenthood into cherished moments with their kids. The No Regrets Parenting 940 Saturdays approach to appreciating our precious time with our kids has been featured in the NYT, Parents Magazine, ABC News, Reader’s Digest, countless TV and radio programs, as well as hundreds of “new media” venues – blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Rebecca has created a beautiful blog ( tracking and relishing the 940 Saturdays in her son Troy’s life – this past Saturday was #25! How wonderful for a parent to start her consciousness about the fleeting nature of her son’s childhood while he is still young and mom can take full advantage of No Regrets Parenting.

To Rebecca, her husband Chris, and, of course, to Troy – may you have many, many joyful Saturdays to come with your beautiful family. To all the rest of you, visit Rebecca’s blog, it’s a joy to read.

And, you can find more information about No Regrets Parenting at  It’s almost Saturday – what are you doing with your kids this weekend?

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